Perfect clock-in and clock out system  

No more useless and unpayed overtime

HRdesk is the perfect system for managing your timekeeping since it allows no mistake to be made.You clock-in, clock-out and sync. The system knows if you have overtime or not so there's no wasted hours. Perfect for those hardworking individuals who have trouble managing their payable hours.

Employee records  

No more buddy-punching, ghost employees and time-theft

This is where biometrics come in handy, and HRDesk is also comfortable dealing with. People sometimes do things like Buddy-Punching; where one person clocks-in for another person in a company. HRDesk requires people's biometrics in order to clock-in, therefor removing the possibility of paying someone who isn't even there in the first place, also eliminating so called "ghost employees", making a huge amount of savings by getting rid of time-theft.

Employee Daily Record  

The time you work for is the pay you get. No more, no less.

HRDesk also comes with it's own leave management module, along with it's efficient payroll system. There's no more useless payable hours, no more unwanted payed leaves. Simple and efficient, your employees get what they deserve.

Details vacation leave  

Significantly reduces the payroll cycle

With HRDesk, everything is integrated. Our timekeeping and payroll solutions can save your company dozens of work hours, time that can be used on much more important things like focusing more on the core business of the company and not chasing down unprofitable paperwork. With this, your HR/Head office is set free from uneeded stress and anxiety.

Sync Time Card  

No need to collect time cards from every branch

With our Cloud-based technology, you can save a lot of money from your courier expenditures by simply syncing your data to the main office, thus sending your timecards automatically. Not only does it save time and money from courier and internet spending, It also does the work efficiently.

Perfect clock-in and clock out system  

Saves you lots of costs by removing human error

Timekeeping is a lot of hard work, especially if you are still doing manual collections. Using our timekeeping module, you can keep your work force happy by eliminating employee under-payments using automated computations, you can calculate each employee's salaries without errors or delays, which also eliminates delays on paydays thus avoiding employee complaints and dissatisfaction.

Saves you lots of costs by removing human error  

Provides you with more control

HRdesk is an innovative, integrated HRIS solution system. It has all that you need, it is highly flexible and works however you want it. From automated timekeeping to the ability to work offline, there is no re-programming needed. You have full control. Even the ability to make last-minute changes to the payment rules.

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