Employee time sheet  

Reliable and Efficient Timekeeping

With HRdesk, reliability and efficiency is our top priority. No more messy paperwork, sifting through endless amounts of timecards when you can just filter out an employee. HRdesk also removes the human error factor, with everything integrated and automated with set parameters for easy use.

Time card system  

Decentralized Verification

We know that collecting and check every employee's time cards from every branch is hard work. Every changes to the time card for every employee such as changing schedules, overtime and different shifts while the head office is left with a massive load of timecards to check for corrections.

HRDesk allows branch supervisors/managers to manage their timecards in each branch, edit each employees time shifts or overtime and sync the data to the head office. Every changes being made will be recorded and can be reviewed by the head office of course, and it saves a lot of time, time that can be used for other more important work.

Employee Record sign in  

Works Online and Offline

HRDesk is 100% usable either online or offline. Even without internet connection, our system still keeps your records safe. Syncronize your records anytime, anywhere, even on the go with our cloud based technology.

Hr Desk Clock-in and Clock-out  

Calculates the number of hours worked based from the raw time in and raw time out

Other subpar systems out there, if any, let's you calculate the number of hours worked by an employee.. Manually. This leads to a lot of human errors and inconsistencies. HRDesk calculates the number of hours automatically from the time you clocked in till the time you clock out, no more, no less.

Payment automated computations  

Automatically computes basic pay, overtime, premium pay, holiday pay, night differential, SSS, WT, Philhealth, Pag-Ibig and ECOLA

Fully automated computations of all kinds of pay, no more need of manually subtracting and adding different pays or deductions. HRDesk helps you reduce your workload tremendously.

Payment Rules  

Apply different payment rules to different groups of employees

HRDesk allows you to to set your own payment rules to cater to your needs. If your manager's does not have overtime, while your laborers does, HRDesk allows you to set rules to adjust your employee's payroll needs.

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